Wu Ping Fan Is Not Ordinary (舞平凡是无平凡) — Ch 1

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*Da jie = oldest sister / * Xiao mei = little sister


Spring fluttered in like a moth to a flame. The city was lively with festivals, and with the early arrival of so many soldiers back from war, mothers were tearfully joyful, wives were aplenty pregnant, and the brothels were also quite busy. Secret pairs of lovers also enjoyed their reunions.

Regarding Wu Ping Fan’s marriage life however, who was now already eighteen and practically a spinster during the era, it was still undecided amongst the elders. Contrastingly, the favoured Wu Feng had already become the current mistress of the house of Rong as she was, in great celebration, bestowed by the Emperor to the godly General Rong An Qi just by the end of last winter.

The Wu Household had suffered a great loss under flashing smiles.

Although they had hoped for a phoenix to be with a dragon, the Wu elders were not so naive to have such a fixed expectation regarding the Emperor who was widely known to be hot and cold. So, in the end, the snow leopard in the land was also quite good… if not usually put to be in comparison with the Emperor, General Rong was already the best choice for the extravagantly beautiful Wu Feng. He was young, successful, and powerful, only second best to the Emperor…

But Wu Feng did not expect that she was not even ‘Madam Rong.’ Unexpectedly, she was now the General’s consort!

The Wu had lost their secret weapon… but regarding this, the people of Meng’si had quite a bit to say.

At that moment, Wu Ping Fan who was sitting in a corner of a teahouse, ate biscuits and sipped tea quietly, all the while listening to the talks about none other than herself.

“The eldest daughter Wu Ping Fan is also not bad, it is just that her bloodline is unfortunate, so of course nobody would take in a daughter of a maid disguised as a swan!”

‘What disguise, what swan! If I can be like Xiao Ju and freely be an ignorant pig, who wouldn’t gladly take the first offer! Who asked the old Madam to adopt me? Tell the witch to stop disguising herself as a mother first!’ All this, Ping Fan rambled angrily in her head, while looking like a mysterious beauty bearing a smile at a wall.

“It is truly a pity. Her beauty has never been inferior to that Wu Feng. In my opinion, she has more charms!”

“What charms? Like those belonged in the brothel? I’ve seen her, and she is quite vulgar!”

“Ah? Where did that come from?”

“I heard that she quite likes to be beaten!”

Ping Fan sighed. “Xiao Ju, tell the owner to redirect the bills to the Wu Manor. We shall be leaving.”

“Miss, do you actually like to be beaten?!” Sneaking out of the manor would’ve already warranted them a big punishment, sending back the bills would be like a criminal offering the evidences of the crime and handing themselves in to the authority. What was the purpose of trying out the rebellious strike in the first place?

“At least, I prefer to be beaten in private.”

Thus, the young miss who was never allowed any luxury or wealth, and had only lived the life of a pauper under a great surname, left to return home to receive more beatings.

It was an abusive cycle, and Wu Ping Fan seemed to be the only one to understand it.

Thus Xiao Ju could not say that her mistress had even changed a bit after she came back. If possible, Wu Ping Fan became even more Wu Ping Fan—weird, reckless Wu Ping Fan became weirder and even more reckless.

After that day’s beating, Old Madam Wu allowed Ping Fan to be included during dining times, eating the same three meals and no longer leftovers. After hearing this, Ping Fan was quiet for a bit.

“Hmm, but that wasn’t my intention though?” So she ate little of the actual meals, and still scurry for leftovers. When Old Madam Wu found out about this, there were more beatings, and Ping Fan was forced to down every single one of her meals.

This fake mother-daughter relationship was quite complex.


The next day, the newly wed couple visited the Wu Manor. Even the Old Madam rushed out to greet General Rong, and everybody else complimented Wu Feng’s rosy complexion.

“This busy General, actually taking out his time to come visit a little consort’s home… is quite—”

“Filial!” Wu Feng, with a red face, interrupted her big sister’s sentence. “Da jie, have you met my lord husband? Lord husband, this is my da jie, Wu Ping Fan. Da jie, hurry and greet lord husband!”

Xiao Ju mentally wrapped two arms around her head.

“Of course, of course! I, lowly Wu Ping Fan, greet lord husb—” Ping Fan covered her mouth with a shocked expression. “Ah, ah, please forgive me! It is just that xiao mei keeps calling you lord husband that I forget you were actually General Rong! Silly me!”

In that instance, Wu Feng’s “rosy complexion” twisted so terrifyingly everybody thought the phoenix had become a rooster in a cockfight.

General Rong, however, remained the same with his stoic face. Only Xiao Ju noticed that his brows became slightly furrowed with an underlying taut, indescribable expression. On the other hand, it was such a strange sight of the two beauties and a godly handsome general that Xiao Ju had also forgotten to be curious.

One extravagantly beautiful phoenix, who’d become a rooster.

One cold snow leopard, who’d become a coldly frustrated snow leopard.

And there was Wu Ping Fan, a seductive beauty, who was blind to any but herself.

There now only lacks a dragon to complete the show of the century.

Xiao Ju did not know that said dragon had always been ruthlessly hovering the sky over his territory.

Wu Ping Fan Is Not Ordinary (舞平凡是无平凡) — Prologue

For somebody so pathetically unfavored in a household so favorable, thus becoming the laughing stock of the entire capital of Meng’si, Wu Ping Fan was otherwise an eccentric young miss who was not particularly weird in anything, but equally weird in everything.

“Wait!” she screamed as she drove a hand into the tense air, interrupting the arrival of a heavy wooden slat. The rest of the family looked on curiously, wondering what she’d come up for an excuse to stop the punishment. But, she continued to lay there and did not seem to be standing up.

“Madam Wu,” she called her mother, her face still pressed into the floor, “are you sure you calculated right? Sixty times for the offense, an additional ten for each time it is repeated… It should not be seventy, I daresay I need to be flogged a hundred times! No, a hundred and ten!”

“Shut! Up!”

In the end, she left the living hall of the Wu Manor with a bloodless back and an even grimmer countenance. She was not flogged even once!

There is a saying that one is willing to hit and the other is willing to be hit… then naturally when she was not hit, she could only sulk. Even being beaten was an acknowledgement of emotions—for seventeen years, there was not even a scar that she could proudly brag about!

“Miss, are you saying that you’re not being beaten because they don’t favor you?”

“I am! Look, Xiao Ju, if a father reprimands one son whenever he’s wrong, and praises the other whenever he’s even more wrong, who do you think he loves more?”

“The second one, of course!”

“Stupid pig! I’m gonna beat you up a hundred and twenty times!”

“Don’t! Miss, you don’t even like me!”

Afterwards, when Wu Ping Fan’s other non-biological siblings did come to beat her up, she was even less happy about it. Naturally, Xiao Ju was curious as to why. Her Miss is so weird, she’s unhappy because she’s not beaten, yet still unhappy when she is!

“I don’t like them, so it doesn’t count!” was her exasperated explanation.

Thus, Xiao Ju finally decided that they were not on the same wavelength and no longer tried to pursue the matter.

As to why her mistress was supposed to be punished in the first place, was no mystery to anyone. If an outsider passes by the manor and overhears a punishment, as long as it was Wu Ping Fan as the offender, they would only shrug and say to each other, “everything she does is a crime, the most infamous criminal of the century will blush at his own punishment!”

That night when Xiao Ju was applying treatments to her back, Ping Fan only chuckled to herself. “Xiao Ju, life is good!”


It was soon winter, and if things passed well, the second year of the new ruling dynasty was already considered not too bad. The Emperor, only twenty-five years of age, was already renowned to be fearless and flawless; though he had yet to marry an Empress, his own harem housed no less than thirty consorts and concubines; already in two years, he and his generals had conquered nearby lands, making the empire larger by half its size; even the citizens loyal to the previous dynasty of Lu could not but be in awe of him.

This kind of life was the true kind of ‘good’, Xiao Ju thought.

Apparently, Ping Fan had something else to say about it. “It’s quite sad, really!”

An Emperor’s life is sad? How about young miss be the “little pig” instead! Then you’re not only ordinary, but also a pig! An ordinary, stupid pig!

Of course, Xiao Ju did not voice that. Even though her miss was not favoured, Xiao Ju, who was the maid of an unfavoured Miss, was even more unfavoured. Truly, both of their lives were too good!

Aside from the conversation, she had not seen the Miss for the rest of the day. Afterwards, a week passed. Then, a month came.

When that, too, almost passed, her Miss came back with a smile that was not exactly a smile, and did not celebrate when Old Madam Wu finally got to beat her up to one miserable pulp.

Xiao Ju didn’t ask about anything, she hardly even said a word other than “hurts?” and continued to treat Ping Fan until she could walk again.

What actually happened, was a story later to be widely known throughout the Empire. And what was to be followed, will be part of History that will never be erased.

FICTION: Wu Ping Fan Is Not Ordinary (舞平凡是无平凡)

Wu Ping Fan


从舞家, 有凤,有平凡。 可是舞凤是无凤, 而舞平凡其实无平凡。

In the Wu Household, there is Feng (phoenix), and there is Ping Fan (ordinary). And yet, the dancing phoenix is not a phoenix—naturally the ordinary girl is also not so ordinary.


Everybody knew that the esteemed Wu Family’s eldest daughter Wu Ping Fan is an adopted orphan, but unfortunately they also knew that her birth was no gripping mystery—it certainly was no deadly secret to bring down an empire either.

Her few talents can be found walking anywhere down the streets of Chang’an; she may be an enigmatic beauty, but she’d grown up being told that men did not want a puzzle that they still could not solve in the end. As for her temperament…

Well, it is best to say that one should not play with fire—unless you are dragons.

In that case, there are already two noble fools.


If Old Madam Wu knew that to name her this way would bring forth such a fate so contrastive, the otherwise beloved Eighth Miss “Wu Feng” wouldn’t have become so pitiful.

But then again, a life not so ordinary is not always the life meant to be desired.


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